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Tips for Establishing a Regular Prayer Time

Discover God's Presence in Prayer

Discover God’s Presence in Prayer

Tips for Establishing a Regular Prayer Time

  • Find a time and place with the fewest distractions. Put your cell phone in another room or on silent.
  • Have your Bible and a notebook to record insights,
    scriptures and prayers.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to help quiet your mind and spirit.
  • Begin by thanking God for who is—Creator, Savior, Shepherd, Provider, etc.
  • Thank Him for all the personal blessings He provides for you and your family.
  • Read a psalm or scripture passage turning it into a prayer.
  • Set a goal to pray for a short period of time—between 5-15 minutes. If you run out of things to pray about, just sit
    quietly in God’s presence.
  • Resist the urge to get sidetracked by doing just one small task, thinking you can come right back to prayer. Stay
  • As soon as a distraction interrupts your focus (something you need to do, a creative idea, etc.) write it down and dismiss it from your mind. If you find yourself focusing on a worry, doubt, fear, etc., it may be the very thing you need to bring to God in prayer.

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Is Your Prayer Life Boring?


Living in the 21st century presents some challenges when it comes to prayer. Not that prayer has changed—but our culture and the way we live our lives has. While most Christians say they believe prayer is a very important part of their spiritual life, many struggle with boredom, doubt and discouragement. In addition, many admit to not knowing how and what to pray

Many believers are hesitant to admit they have trouble with prayer because they secretly believe most other Christians have a more satisfying prayer life than they do. But surprisingly, dissatisfaction with one’s personal prayer life seems to exist across a broad spectrum of Christianity.

In a 2005 poll released in Facts & Trends Magazine, only 16% of Protestant ministers across the country were “very satisfied” with their personal prayer life. Another 47% were “somewhat satisfied;” 30% were “somewhat dissatisfied;” and 7% were “very dissatisfied.”1 Continue reading