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Living in the Moment

P1010007-0Most of us don’t actually realize how much stress we experience in our modern lifestyles until we distance ourselves from our normal routines by getting away somewhere totally different.

This week I’m enjoying a beach vacation with extended family at Ocean Isle Beach, NC–only 45 minutes from where I live, but miles away from my normal day-to-day life. Planning ahead for my beach vacation, I packed not only the basics like food and clothing, but files for travel articles I needed to write, a notebook full of photography instruction to read and organize as well as other miscellaneous tasks. Continue reading

Perpetual Summer

Do You Expect Perpetual Summer in Your Spiritual Life?

The Mexican Riviera (photo courtesy of Barcelo Maya Beach Resort)

The Mexican Riviera (photo courtesy of Barcelo Maya Beach Resort)

I have just recently returned from a trip to the Mexican Riviera where the sun-drenched beaches and azure blue waters  warmed and uplifted my spirit. The trip reminded me that although I don’t experience perpetual summer where I live, I can rest in the fact that summer always returns, both in the natural cycle of nature and in my spiritual life.

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