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The Power of Stillness


Stillness--the Peace of GodBe still, and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10)

Does the world seem to be speeding up, keeping you in a whirlwind of activity? Even if you do take a break, is your mind constantly distracted? Our generation has embraced technology like no other generation, and while this can have a positive influence in our lives, it can also be very detrimental.

I’ve noticed that whenever I take a break, I often pick up my iPad to check my e-mail, catch up with friends on Facebook or even play a game of solitaire. My mind seems to need constant stimulation—a documented, scientific danger of our media-absorbed society. When I try to read the Word, my mind wanders. When I try to pray, my mind flits and flirts with a million thoughts. STILLNESS ELUDES ME! Continue reading

God’s Secret Place

 Do You Have a Secret Hiding Place?

A Secret Hiding Place

A Secret Hiding Place

A huge pine tree stood on the lot next to my childhood home. I used to crawl through its mammoth branches into a secret hiding place. Hidden from view was a retreat the size of a small room. I’d bring a blanket to put on the pine needle floor, lie on my back and stare up at trickles of blue sky that filtered through the dense branches.

The Bible speaks of another secret hiding place: Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty  (Psalm 91:1 NIV).

Like my childhood hiding place, Psalm 91 speaks of a place hidden from the cares of the world—a place where God invites
us into His presence. And in His presence peace reigns—absorbing all our trials, pain, doubts, cares and concerns.

How difficult it is in our fast-paced world where 10-minute devotionals are best sellers, to find such a retreat of intimacy! We delude ourselves into thinking we have fellowshipped with the Father, when in fact we have just driven through the fast-food line. Real fellowship requires an unhurried courtship–a leisurely, joyous pursuit of the One we desire to know.

So drag out your blanket and crawl beneath the branches into God’s secret hiding place!