Prayer is an Eternal Commodity

Our Prayers are Eternal–They Don’t Just Vanish into Outer Space!

Prayer make a difference

Prayer is spiritual force in God’s economy that can’t completely be understood by our finite minds. Our prayers are not just temporal, but eternal. Scientists tell us that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be moved or changed in form.

I believe this is also true of our prayers. Like energy and matter, our prayers don’t just vanish into outer space. They continue to exist. In fact, Scripture tells us they are collected in golden bowls before the throne of God in heaven (Rev. 5:8). When we understand prayer for what it really is, it changes our perspective and our motivation to pray.

When we begin to doubt whether our prayers really make a difference in the world, it would benefit us to read about the lives of some of the prayer giants of past generations. These believers seemed to understand the purpose and power of prayer in a way that many modern believers don’t grasp. These saints staked their lives on the fact that their prayers did influence events on earth, and that, as
partners with God, they actually could change the course of history.

John Wesley (the founder of Methodism) once said: “God does nothing on earth save (except) in answer to believing prayer.” Brother Andrew (who delivered Bibles behind communism’s Iron Curtain) believed that “God’s plans for us are not chiseled in concrete. Only His character and nature are unchanging. His decisions are not.”

Modern-day author Richard Foster says, “Ours is an open, not closed, universe.” In other words, God’s sovereignty and man’s free will are intertwined in bringing about the full purposes of God.

God can do anything He wants. He could bring about His will on earth without prayer, but God has chosen to delegate His authority on earth to His saints and His Church. And He has chosen—by a self-imposed restriction—to act in the affairs of men in response to our prayers.

Throughout history, it has been shown that behind every great revival and outpouring of God, there have been intercessors who have prayed passionately night and day in great faith. As a result of their praying in partnership with God, His will was released on earth and great revivals took place.

 (Excerpted from my book, LORD, IT’S BORING IN MY PRAYER CLOSET (How to  Revitalize Your Prayer Life). Available at in paperback or on Kindle.)

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