A High-Speed Connection to Heaven

I’ve often thought that if I were God, I would have ripped out the seams of the earth and started all over again! But God had a different plan. 

Through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ, the line of communication was re-established between the Father and us. Let’s think of this in modern terms—Jesus made possible a high-speed connection to God so that we can be assured that our prayers are reaching God’s ears. Jesus sits at His Father’s right hand and makes sure that connection between the Father and us is never broken from heaven’s end. That means every prayer you have ever prayed or will ever pray is assured to reach the throne of heaven!

Scientists tell us that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be moved or changed in form. I believe this is also true of our prayers. Prayer is so much more than we can comprehend with our finite minds. It is not just temporal, but eternal. Like energy and matter, our prayers don’t just vanish into outer space; they continue to exist. In fact, the Bible tells us they are collected in golden bowls before the very throne of God in heaven (Rev. 5:8).

With our high-speed connection to heaven, the Holy Spirit acts as our operator or technical support and helps us as we attempt to pray, translating our prayers according to the code of heaven—i.e. the perfect will of God. So, child of God, never fear that your prayers are not being heard.

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