Is Your Prayer Life Boring?

Living in the 21st century presents some challenges when it comes to prayer. Not that prayer has changed—but our culture and the way we live our lives has. While most Christians say they believe prayer is a very important part of their spiritual life, many struggle with boredom, doubt and discouragement. In addition, many admit to not knowing how and what to pray

Many believers are hesitant to admit they have trouble with prayer because they secretly believe most other Christians have a more satisfying prayer life than they do. But surprisingly, dissatisfaction with one’s personal prayer life seems to exist across a broad spectrum of Christianity.

In a 2005 poll released in Facts & Trends Magazine, only 16% of Protestant ministers across the country were “very satisfied” with their personal prayer life. Another 47% were “somewhat satisfied;” 30% were “somewhat dissatisfied;” and 7% were “very dissatisfied.”1

I believe Satan lies to every Christian about their prayer life: “Do you really believe God hears your prayers?” “Your life is so far in the pits, what good will prayer do?” “Prayer is a waste of time.”

It is for the above reasons, and the fact that I face the same problems in my prayer life, that I have written a book,  LordIt’s Boring in My Prayer Closet (How to Revitalize Your Prayer Life). The book is a great personal study/guide to help you revitalize your personal prayer life. It is also a great small group study with Reflections, Questions and Prayer Activities at the end of each of the seven chapters.

Stay tuned for the book’s release date on and Kindle!

1.GreyMatter Research & Consulting (May 23, 2005)

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