Praying God-Inspired Prayers

Bible and cup of coffee

Often our prayer time can feel more like a burden than a joy. In fact, it can be downright boring! Perhaps it’s because we’re going to God with our grocery list of needs and wants instead of listening to what God wants us to pray.

Joyce Meyer, in her book Hearing from God Each Morning says:

I think one of the reasons we sometimes feel unfulfilled in prayer or sense that we are not finished praying about a matter is that we spend so much time just praying our prayers. But—there is a better, higher, more effective way to pray: praying God’s prayers. To be honest with you, if I am praying my prayer, I can pray about something for fifteen minutes and still feel unfinished; but if I am being led by the Holy Spirit and praying God’s prayer, I can pray two sentences and feel completely satisfied.

One way we can learn to pray God-inspired prayers by using His Word to pray for ourselves and others, thus knowing we are praying in His will. I have used what I call “tweet prayers” which are scriptures or a combination of scriptures that are short and to the point.

(To download some examples, just click on the Free Download of Scripture Prayers From Book—under the picture of my book in the righthand column. The scriptures are listed by topics such as Healing, Trouble & Protection, Our Children, etc.)

God-inspired prayers bring life to our spirits and never become boring because the Holy Spirit breathes life into them. Give them a try this week in your prayer time.

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