Praying for a Nation in Crisis–Part 2

church in the country with red roof and steeple

Many of us grew up in a time when the church was very much an influential part of culture and society. People knew where the church stood on morality and lifestyle. Not so today. Many churches are indistinguishable from the culture around us–adjusting to what is politically, socially and morally acceptable as defined by our culture and not God’s Word.

In our current crisis, the Church has pretty much become a silent and compromising entity that our society no longer respects but rather mocks and ignores. Can you blame them? What the world sees is our disunity, our lack of love, our compromise and hypocrisy, our judgmental attitudes and a lack of power and authority.

The Church has lost her testimony to a lost world--Tozer

So, the second area we need to pray about in the midst of this crisis is the Church.

1. Pray that Christians would be willing to transition into what God is calling the Church to be in our day. We know that the Church is more than a denomination or a building and it seems God is demonstrating that fact during this pandemic—virtual services at home as a family; online worship concerts; small group meetings in homes; service to the community in lots of small ways. Perhaps, He’s trying to show us it’s not about big organizational churches with committees, programs, etc. I believe He wants us to return to the real heart of Christianity–to our private relationship with Him and intimate fellowship and worship with others.

2. Pray that the Church would recognize the power and authority she has in the Holy Spirit and would rise up and be the influence she was meant to be in the earth.

3. Pray that as individual members of the Church, we would wake up from our slumber and complacency. That we would hunger and thirst for righteousness and return to our first love.

4. Pray that pastors and church leaders would preach and teach the Truth and not compromise the Gospel by succumbing to political correctness or ungodly world views.

5. Pray that the Church would see herself as the spotless Bride of Christ and earnestly seek God in prayer and in the study of His Word so that she might walk in purity and holiness, prepared for Christ’s return.

We must pray for the Church to rise up and be that Church commissioned by God–one  united, strong, unapologetic voice with power and authority. We must present a true picture of God’s character–His love, mercy and grace balanced with His judgment of sin and unrighteousness. Instead of being shaped by the culture, the Church must be the transforming power that changes the culture. Without that, I’ve come to believe there is little hope for our nation to survive its current challenges.

(Stay tuned for Part 3)


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