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Election Frenzy is Out of Control

Our destiny as a nation lies not in the hands of any political candidate or party but in the hands of the CHURCH!


America is currently caught up in an unprecedented frenzy of political madness! The leading candidates from both parties seem more like characters from a sleazy movie rather than leaders who possess character, integrity and the ability to lead a nation founded upon Judeo-Christian principles.

 But then, it can be argued that we are no longer a nation “under God” or governed by His principles. Our courts, public schools, universities and even churches have turned from belief and adherence to the Scriptures and have embraced the popular culture and political correctness which espouses individual freedom with no absolutes. Continue reading


Will the Real Church in America Please Stand Up?

Charleston Church“Religion is what you have left when the Holy Spirit has left the premises”–Bono

When someone uses the term religion,  they are usually referring to a belief system based on a set of man-made rules and traditions often devoid of God’s Spirit. But might we also apply the term to our Sunday morning rock concert services where high decibel music and caffeine are needed to pump life into what we now define as church?

With our popular seeker-friendly mega churches topping the charts in church growth, it would be a stretch to describe the atmosphere on Sunday mornings as “holy, reverent, pregnant with expectation and full of the power of the Holy Spirit.” Instead, multi-media presentations and strobe lights excite our visual senses while ushers pass out ear plugs for an older generation not quite “with it.” I dare say, if God actually showed up in awesome power and holiness, I fear there’d be a lot of lattes spilled all over the church carpet! Continue reading