Helping Your Child Pray for the War in Ukraine

Mother and children praying together for Ukraine.

With round-the-clock TV news channels depicting scenes of fighting, online access to news and social media, it’s almost impossible to protect your children from frightening and confusing world events. Instead of letting your children be overwhelmed, parents can turn major world events like the war between Russia and Ukraine into an opportunity to teach them how to pray for difficult and frightening situations.

Younger children can listen as you pray, while older children can join in with their own prayers. Below are some ways to pray with your children.


1. That all the people who are fighting—both the Ukrainians and the Russians—would stop fighting and that there would be peace.

3. That the leaders of all the nations would make good decisions that will help bring peace.

4. For Christians who live in Ukraine that the would be able to help others around them and tell them about Jesus.

5. That all the people (refugees) who have had to leave Ukraine will be safe.

6. For all the countries that have welcomed the people from Ukraine and helped them.

7. For all the organizations that are helping to meet the needs of people who have had to leave their country providing food, water, clothes, a place to stay and medical attention.

8. That children who have had to leave their country would not be fearful but trust God.

9. That God would show you how you as a family can help.

10. For the safety of the people who are still in Ukraine.


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