Updates from Sandra!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted to PrayWaves, and I wanted to update all my subscribers as to what has been happening in my life.

(1) I now have an author website that includes blogs on inspiration, prayer, and parenting. I also have book reviews for kids and adults, a new podcast, and a newsletter. I invite you to visit my website and please sign up to receive my quarterly newsletter (I do not sell your e-mail or bother you with lots of e-mails.) Click here for the link: SandraKayChambers.

(2) My book on prayer, “Lord, It’s Boring in My Prayer Closet: How to Revitalize Your Prayer Life,” (the Kindle e-book) is on sale this week only for $.99! Check it out on Amazon.

(3) I have a children’s devotional for ages 8-12 under contract with a publisher to be released on Nov. 9, 2023. It’s called: “Fingerprint Devotions: 40 Devotions That Help You Realize You Are a Kid Uniquely Created by God for a Purpose.” You can read more about it on my author website.

My second item of news is that I have a new podcast, “5-Minute Parenting: Tips to Help You Raise Competent, Godly Kids.” It can be found on all major podcast platforms as well as on my author website. It’s great for grandparents also to know how they can pray for their grandkids and the current generation. Check it out here: 5-Minute Parenting Podcast.

Thanks for reading PrayWaves!


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