National Day of Prayer 2020

National Day of Prayer logo

This year’s 68th observance of the National Day of Prayer was quite different than any we have seen in the past. Usually large and small groups gather in homes, churches and public squares all across this nation to ask God’s blessing and grace our nation and to seek His guidance. With COVID19 this mainly happened in homes this year. But in conjunction with the Billy Graham Association and several other partners, a two-hour live broadcast with prayer and worship music aired on various channels as well as YouTube last night.

As my husband and I watched different small groups praying across this nation, and listened to the various speakers, the focus and theme of this year’s Day of Prayer was very evident:

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea (Hab. 2:14 NIV).

  • People’s prayers were focused on God’s glory being revealed in the earth and not on begging for healing and deliverance from the current virus.
  • Prayers were focused on repentance for how far our nation has fallen from its moral compass and disregarded God in our civil and personal lives.
  • Prayers were focused on spiritual healing and salvation for so many who are fearful, hurting and seeking answers.
  • There were prayers for the Church to wake up, stand in unity and be a loving witness of God’s Truth.
  • Finally, there were prayers acknowledging that God is our only hope for America and for the world.

We cannot just pray one day a year! Christians need to continually pray for all the above. While there are challenges today, prayer is something every one of us can still do! We can pray with our family, or with a small group of friends using Zoom or even over the phone.

Let’s commit to praying every day for our nation, our leaders, the Church, the unsaved and the world.


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