My Bird Feeder Frustration

red cardinal bird feeder

In my back yard I have a bird feeder that is suppose to attract cardinals. I love to sit on my porch and watch the cardinals darting back and forth among the trees. They land on our white fence. They land on our patio furniture. They land on our patio. But they won’t land on the feeder!

They are happy to eat the seed that has fallen from the feeder to the ground. Yet, right above their heads is a feeder full of wonderful seeds where they could feed in abundance at any time.

red cardinal

As I watch them in frustration—hoping they will discover that feeder with an unending supply of food—I realize that as Christians we are sometimes just like those cardinals.

We seek to be feed by God—to receive His provisions spiritually and physically. But, too often we are satisfied with the crumbs that fall from His table when He really wants us to come and be seated with Him at his table.

Especially during these difficult times that we are experiencing, we need God’s nourishment to sustain us. And yet, we often won’t go directly to the source of God’s supply—the Bible.

I’m just as guilty as the next person when I flitter all over the news reports, the internet and social media trying to find answers to sustain me during this pandemic. BUT there are so many different perspectives—even spiritual perspectives out there. Some are truth, some are lies, some are a mixture.

More than ever, we need God’s truth and sustaining nourishment during these times. We need to go to the very Source of Truth which can only be found in His Word and we need to seek Him in prayer.

I encourage you to make Bible reading and prayer a daily habit. I promise you that as you dine at God’s table, you will find an abundance of food to sustain you during these times.


  1. I suggest you get a feeder that is just like a flat feeder with no top on it. We have two of them and the cardinals come to it. They don’t like the “closed in” feeling of the kind you have. Happy birding!!


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