A Pause in Time

Girls staring at clock

Amidst this COVID19 virus, mankind is experiencing a unique pause in time. In our generation we have never before seen the world come to such a complete stand still. It’s taken us a while to adjust to the isolation, to the economic consequences, and to the slowdown in our own personal lives.

How have we adjusted? For some it has meant using our energies to clean out and declutter. Others have adopted new hobbies and interests. Many are taking classes and expanding their knowledge with free online courses. Others are simply surviving by binging on social media and online movies. 

Many, for the first time in their lives, may be considering spiritual things. Is this the end of time? Is there really a God? Is there really an afterlife?  I pray in this pause of time, they will discover the Truth that will change the course of their lives.

I pray for this pause in time. I pray for this pause in eternity— that it would set every seeker, every believer, every pastor, every nation and every leader on a different course. 

I pray it will be a sea change in our spiritual direction. That God’s purposes for the nations and for His Church will come to pass. I pray we won’t miss His voice, His direction or His grace and mercy being offered to us at this time. 



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