Will the Real Church in America Please Stand Up?

“Religion is what you have left when the Holy Spirit has left the premises”–Bono

Church with steeple

With our popular seeker-friendly mega churches topping the charts in church growth, it would be a stretch to describe the atmosphere on Sunday mornings as “holy, reverent, pregnant with expectation and full of the power of the Holy Spirit.” Instead, multi-media presentations and strobe lights excite our visual senses while ushers pass out ear plugs for an older generation not quite “with it.” I dare say, if God actually showed up in awesome power and holiness, I fear there’d be a lot of lattes spilled all over the church carpet!

My husband, Bill, best defines the state of many of our modern churches when he says, “Some churches look to bless God and prepare a comfortable place for Him. Other churches are concerned with the comfort of man.”

Jim Wright, in his blog entitled Crossroad Junction says: “I get it: A confused generation of young millennials raised to believe they’re the center of the universe keep trying to create a Christ of their own perception by shunning the plenary authority of His written word. What I don’t get are those who should be old enough to know better, but don’t. It’s time for those who do know better to start acting like grown ups once again in the Body of Christ.”

Wright has “hit the nail squarely on the head” to use a colloquialism, and points the finger right back to those of us who should be mature Christians. We have failed to disciple the younger generation. We have failed to reveal to them the one true God of the Bible. We have preempted the power of the Holy Spirit with our man-made agendas, and so, the younger generation has gone seeking–in the only self-centered way they know how–to find a God who will fit into their lifestyles. And we have said, “It’s ok to cater to their taste in music and lifestyle. Let’s just get them into church anyway we can.”

Saints, it’s time to stand firm on God’s Word and get on our knees in prayer for this generation to experience the real presence and power of God.


  1. There are Six things you must do to grow spiritually mature:
    1 Study God’s Words in the Bible
    2 Talk with God, in the Name of Jesus
    3 Fellowship with other Christians
    4 Tell others the Gospel of Good News of Salvation in Jesus Christ
    5 Worship the Living God, King and Ruler of the Universe
    6 Give of yourself to minister to the needs of others, not just money
    To see these in my new book, go to http://www.JohnFHunter.com


  2. You’re right, my friend. I have trouble with this viewpoint. I don’t think the millennials’ form of worship “shuns the plenary authority of God’s Word.” Where does the Bible tell us how loud or soft our music needs to be? Yes reverence and awe are important, but it will be the heat of our hearts that is measured, not the decimals of our music.If you can get your worship on in a quiet setting, that’s how you should worship. If you nee drums, go for it! I once attended a church which used no instruments at all. They believed the NT taught only A Capella worship. They shunned churches with instruments. i continue to pray and seek God on this as I know you do too. And I love you! Iron sharpens iron!


    • I appreciate varying view points. The actual quote you object too is not mine but from a fellow blogger. Perhaps I wrongly applied it to just mean “loud music.” But I do see the Word of God being abandoned, misused and ignored by believers in the pews as well as from the pulpit. How else do you explain an acceptance by Christians of abortion, homosexuality, etc. I totally agree worship is from the heart and that’s why I’m still searching for answers too. Thank you for responding.


  3. I really believe we are at a crossing point where we must speak truth. Your article is bold and it is a time for boldness. It’s a matter of life and death. For too long even mature believers have sought more to please man rather than God. Where has this gotten us? You did good my friend.


  4. AMEN Sandy!!!!! I can’t say that with more passion. We’re being renewed these days listening to old Brownsville services and listening to Lindell Cooley’s sermons from his church in Nashville. Lindell says in his church they will always minister to the Lord and not to man (among other fearless God pleasing things!). Holy Spirit come and wake up YOUR BRIDE. Thanks for the blog Sandy! ❤


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