Morning Quietness

I’m an early riser—sometimes too early for my liking—but what I do like about the dawn of a new day is the quietness. As I’m sitting here drinking my coffee and looking out the window at the trees and sky there’s an amazing quietness that engulfs my surroundings. No cars, no workmen, not even birds or squirrels to disturb this early morning setting. It’s as though God is hovering, waiting to speak. And I find it easier to listen when the world, my soul and my spirit are quiet.

I’m in awe of God as Creator, from the tiniest atom to the vastness of the galaxy. I’m in awe of the diversity of beauty around me in the trees and flowers. I’m in awe of His mercy towards a fallen and beleaguered earth full of sinful men and women. In fact, I don’t understand why He hasn’t just ripped out the seams of the earth and started all over again.

BUT THEN, I REMEMBER—He has done just that by sending Jesus to save mankind and to begin a full restoration of His creation. My soul and spirit long for His returning, for a new heaven and a new earth where God will dwell with His people in holiness and righteousness. That is His promise and that is our hope.

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