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Election Frenzy is Out of Control

Our destiny as a nation lies not in the hands of any political candidate or party but in the hands of the CHURCH!


America is currently caught up in an unprecedented frenzy of political madness! The leading candidates from both parties seem more like characters from a sleazy movie rather than leaders who possess character, integrity and the ability to lead a nation founded upon Judeo-Christian principles.

 But then, it can be argued that we are no longer a nation “under God” or governed by His principles. Our courts, public schools, universities and even churches have turned from belief and adherence to the Scriptures and have embraced the popular culture and political correctness which espouses individual freedom with no absolutes. Continue reading

Why is Prayer So Hard?

I Can’t Hear You God—It’s Too Noisy!

I Can't Hear You God--It's Too Noisy!

I Can’t Hear You God–It’s Too Noisy!

How long has it been since you have really heard God speak to you? I’m not talking about an audible voice, but that still small voice in your spirit that you knew without a doubt was God? Many times we feel as though God has stopped speaking to us, but the fact is we have simply not given Him the time or space to speak into our lives. Teresa of Avila expressed it well when she said, “God is not really silent; we are deaf.”

A 2012 article in Parade Magazine, “What Your Nose Knows” revealed some interesting facts about our five senses, in particular, our sense of hearing. According to the article, at birth our ears are pristine organs, capable of discerning among more than 300,000 sounds, but after years of exposure to loud noises, the hair cells on the cochlea, in the inner ear flatten, becoming less sensitive. This constant bath of noise affects everything from our concentration to our health.                                           Continue reading

Discover Your Prayer Passion

How to move beyond prayers for “me and mine”–allowing your heart to beat in rhythm with God’s heart.

Discover Your Prayer Passion

Discover Your Prayer Passion

Without passion, our prayer lives become stagnant, boring and ineffective. While most Christians believe prayer is important, few would use the word passionate to describe their prayer life. Instead, many admit to being distracted, bored and frustrated when it come to personal prayer.

Read the entire article which appears in the December 2015 issue of Charisma Magazine at Discover Your Prayer Passion

(This article is based on my book, Lord, It’s Boring in My Prayer Closet (How to Revitalize Your Prayer Life) which is available at Amazon.com and Kindle.


The “War Room”

prayerA Call to Prayer

I was privileged to see the new faith-based film, The War Room, in a pre-lease showing last night. I encourage everyone to see this film. A little slow at first, it builds in interest and by the end you’re shouting, “Hallelujah.” It’s a powerful call to Christians to enter the “War Room” of our prayer closets to pray for the Church, our nation and the next generation.

As Christians, our true source of power does not rest in our political system or political leaders, nor in our economic power or influence, but in God alone. And our battle plan must come from Him if we are to take back the Church, our nation and the next generation. Continue reading